Sniff Snout
Let’s Go Out!

Let’s Go Out!

We are Smart, Reliable, and Fun-Loving Dog People.

The certified, trained team at SniffSnout takes care of dogs, cats and all types of pets unlike anyone else. We are fun, loving, dogpeople who provide the Walks, Hikes, or Overnights, we are one stop shopping for all of your needs.

Sniff Snout

We Offer:

  • Neighborhood Walks Off Leash
  • Hikes City Excursions
  • Full and Half Day Care
  • Overnights Cat Visits
  • Transportation
  • Pet Therapy
  • Pet Portraits & Photography Grooming

We know how much you care about providing exercise and playtime to keep your pets happy and healthy. We also know how hard it can be to balance your busy schedules with quality time with your pets. At SniffSnout, we can help you can do it all ! Founded in Boston over 20 years ago, some of our families have trusted us with three generations of pets. From the South end of Boston, throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island our fun, loving dogpeople will professionally and reliably take care of your pets the way you do.

Pat/South End

Lem, our walker, has been walking Sadie for years and he is like family. Sadie is always so happy to see him coming!

With over two decades of animal care experience, we strive to be the best in the business, value added and exceed your expectations!