With over two decades of animal care experience, especially in dog walking and care procedures, we are well-placed to understand customer needs when it comes to taking care of their pets.

We have a highly competent and experienced team who are professionally certified in different Red Cross care as well as first aid programs for pets of all types. Our trainers and dog walkers can easily handle 8 to 10 dogs at a time, including 8 dogs off their leashes.

Below is a menu list of our dog walking services along with prices.

15 minutes:

$ 15

20 minutes:

$ 20

30 minutes:

$ 25

40 minutes:

$ 35

60 minutes:

$ 40

1.5 Hour Off Leash Hike:

$ 35

½ DayCare - Includes pick up and drop off

$ 45

All DayCare - Includes 60 Min.Walk

$ 65

1.5 Hr. Off-Leash Hike Overnight +$25 Extra Dog 24 hours includes pick up and drop off

$ 75

Original Portraits & Photography

$ 500-5000

Birthday Parties - Includes Cake, Party Favors and Photos!

$ 10 per paw

Pricing details of other services are as follows.

PURR - Priced Upon Request Right Away

  • Pet Therapy
  • Grooming
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Photography

Pat/South End

Lem, our walker, has been walking Sadie for years and he is like family. Sadie is always so happy to see him coming!